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Attn Producers

2009-03-03 12:15:12 by Kurse-of-AME

If you like some of my material...hit me up, I'd love to get off on some of your productions. Networking is always key in this industry and cross promotion is definately an excellent tool. So if you provide the proper beat...I can provide the proper lyrics.

I may not be able to get off on every beat thrown my way, because I have to be feelin the vibe of the production obviously. But if it sounds clean, unique or interesting...then shoot it my way and I'll tell you if it's sumthin that I feel like I can work with. If it is...then I'll do what I do best, send you a copy when it's finished and then we can both display our lovely brain-child to our respected fanbases! lol

As always...serious inquiries only. I produce beats for myself, and I have a producer on the side. But I do enjoy working with other production artists just for the sake that you never know what you can come up with on a whim!

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

-Kurse aka Rocky Good

Attn Producers


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2009-04-12 14:19:00

u smell like tuna fish!

Kurse-of-AME responds:

Your face is tuna fish lol